The Curse of the Spellstone

Written by: Marc Scott Zicree
Directed by: Ed Friedman

He-man/Prince Adam
King Randor
Queen Marlena

Hover Robots

King Helios
Creeping Horak

Attak Trak

Skeletor and Evil-Lyn have stolen the Spellstone and use it to create a terrible wether. Evil-Lyn blames the Royal Palace and she uses Horak to punish them.

What happened to the other people in the Royal Palace when Horak filled all the rooms???

Good quotes in this episode:

"You blundering skullface! You said you had taken care of him!"

"You've all seen how Orko's magical tricks don't always go the way he planned. Sometimes they backfire on him. The same thing is true of practical jokes. Sometimes they don't go the way you planned, and you or someone else can get hurt. So be sure and think twice before playing a joke or a trick on anybody. It might not go the way you planned and someone could wind up losing a finger or an arm, or maybe even an eye. And no joke is worth that is it? See you again soon."

Kevin Martinell:
"Curse of the Spellstone" is one of my favorite episodes of He-Man's first Season. It includes a lot of nice action scenes for the heroes, including a battle against Skeletor's hover robots, a cave scene, in which the heroes are chased by a massive flow of water, and a quick sword fight, between He-Man and Skeletor! Of course, He-Man is victorious!
Evil-Lyn appears to be the best developed character in the entire episode, as she causes most of the problems for the heroes. She even receives stronger material than Skeletor, since Evil-Lyn is the one constantly using the magic of The Spellstone against the heroes. One of the winning moments of the episode, for me, was when He-Man won the trust of Helios, the leader of The Fire People, after our hero rescued Helios from being captured by a lava monster. That was a nice scene, because it shows the good morals of He-Man, summed up by Helios: "You wouldn't have saved me if you were evil!"
The only criticism I found in this story is that although Trap-Jaw makes an appearance, he receives no action scenes and simply utters a couple of lines. The drama is topnotch in this episode, plus, It was nice to see the addition of Ram-Man and Stratos helping He-Man out. Overall, this is a really good episode, especially for Evil-Lyn fans!

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