Heroic winged warrior

As a birdman I got a thing about cages

Stratos is the softly-spoken leader of the Birdpeople of Avion, a large kingdom with mountain-like buildings that touch the very clouds. He has a lot of responsibility to his people and is always there to defend them whenever evil threatens. Stratos guards both the Staff of Avion and the Egg of Avion.
Stratos has the natural ability to fly, but he can travel much further with the aid of his jetpack. The Egg of Avion gives Stratos the power of flight. If he is away from Avion and the Egg for an extremely long time he will also lose the power of flight.

Stratos has 15 appearances in Masters of the Universe:
Disappearing Act
Diamond Ray of Disappearance
She-Demon of Phantos
The Curse of the Spellstone
The Dragon Invasion
Colossor Awakes
Reign of the Monster
Creatures From The Tar Swamp
Quest for He-man
The Mystery of Man-E-Faces
Eternal Darkness
The Heart of A Giant
The Rarest Gift of All
Betrayal of Stratos
The Arena

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