Evil lord of destruction

I am completly and totally evil. I live to be bad. I care for no-one and no-one cares for me.

Skeletor, a being from another dimension, is the greatest villain on the planet of Eternia. He has tried numerous times to conquer Castle Grayskull, believing that if he were to obtain the power of Grayskull he would rule the universe. He has also tried to overthrow the Royal Palace.
Skeletor is perhaps one of the most powerful beings on the planet Eternia. His powers are incredible and increased once inside Castle Grayskull. Skeletor usually relies on his magical abilities in battle to conquer his foes, but is skilled in the use of the sword. Skeletor is also a proficient inventor and has a great knowledge of science. He has invented many of his destructive machines and ships. Skeletor also uses his Havoc Staff as a conduit for his own magical abilities.

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