Fighting tiger

Mayby Skeletor`s not home?

The power of Grayskull transforms Cringer into the action-loving Battlecat. Unlike Cringer, Battlecat is brave, macho, and usually eager for action. He always sounds glad to be free from the restraints of his cowardly alter-ego.
Battlecat did not appear until the day Cringer witnessed, by accident, Adam transforming into He-man. When He-man inadvertently pointed the sword at Cringer, his pet tiger became the fearsome Battlecat and their partnership began, as it was always destined to. The foundation of Battlecat`s relationship with He-man is an unshakable trust. The two ride together, fight together, and often joke together.
Battlecat`s greatest purpose is to carry He-man quickly across the Eternian landscape so he can defend Castle Grayskull. His powerful sense of smell allows him to follow trails and pick up people`s scents. He also possesses a powerful roar that can scare away enemies, and he can sometimes use his growls to communicate with other animals. Battlecat also has incredible strength, and sharp claws and teeth. He also possesses great agility and can leap high and far.

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