Happy Birthday Roboto

Written by: Larry DiTillio
Directed by: Lou Kachivas

He-man/Prince Adam
King Randor
Queen Marlena
Royal Guards


Wind Raider

Prince Adam and Man-at-Arms find a ship in the desert. Inside they meet Roboto, who wants to explore the planet. But Modulok has other plans for him.

Modulok is working for himself in this episode, not the Evil Horde.

"It`s too bad, but sometimes people think that doing the right thing is just too much trouble. When a friend is in trouble there isn`t time to wonder whether you should or shouldn`t help, you just do it. And sometimes the one you help will turn around and help you. Remember; every time you help someone the good comes back to you, sometimes in ways you don`t even know about, but it does. And another thing, there`s nothing in the world quite like the feeling that comes from knowing you`ve done something good for someone else. Well, see you next time!"

Roboto: I am called Roboto. I am an explorer from the planet of Robatica.
Modulok: Here is my answer to you He-man!

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