He-man (Dolph Lundgren)
Man-at-Arms (Jon Cypher)
Teela (Chelsea Field)
Gwildor (Billy Barty)
Sorceress (Christina Pickles)

Skeletor (Frank Langella)
Evil-Lyn (Meg Foster)
Beastman (Tony Carroll)
Karg (Robert Towers)
Blade (Anthony DeLongis)
Saurod (Pons Maar)

Julie (Courteney Cox)
Kevin (Robert Duncan McNeill)
Lubic (James Tolkan)

Skeletor has taken over Castle Grayskull and holds the Sorceress captured. In an attempt to rescue her, He-man and his friends get outnumbered. They have to escape and use Gwildor`s cosmic key. But something went wrong. Gwildor pressed the botton on random and they appear on the Earth.

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