Evil tail-thrashing warrior

I am going to shake you up!

Whiplash has a keen sense of smell enabling him to follow anyone, even over great distances. Whiplash`s large tail is of course his greatest and most deadly feature. He can use his tail to effortlessly throw objects that might be harder for him to lift with his arms. His tail can also be his greatest weakness as He-man will often defeat Whiplash by swinging him around by the tail and tossing him far away.

Whiplash has 12 appearances in Masters of the Universe:
Island of Fear
To Save Skeletor
The Ice Age Cometh
Trouble in Trolla
Betrayal of Stratos
The Shadow of Skeletor
Fraidy Cat
Hunt for He Man
No Job too Small
Here, There, Skeletors Everywhere
Beauty and the Beast
The Toy Maker

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