How well do you know the cartoons?


From "The Missing Ax": Who "stole" the ax?
A) Mantenna
B) Sprag and Sprocker
C) Bow


From "He Ain`t Heavy": Shadow Weaver uses the Moon Mirror to capture someone, who?
A) Prince Adam
B) Catillus
C) Adora


From "Horde Prime Takes A Holiday": Hordak has to look after someting when Horde Prime takes a holiday, what?
A) His son, Prince Zed
B) His spaceship
C) Fright Zone


From "A Talent for Trouble": Who has a talent for trouble?
A) Kowl
B) Madame Razz
C) Orko


From "Unexpected Ally": Who is the unexpected ally?
A) Colonel Blast
B) General Sunder
C) Inspector Darkney