Temple of the Sun

Story by: Jeffry O`Hare
Teleplay by: Patrick Duncan
Directed by: Lou Kachivas

He-man/Prince Adam


Attak Trak

A poor man arrives at the Temple of the Sun and becomes a wizard. He has Zoar as a symbol of his power.

In the beginning of this episode we can see a small statue of Blackstar.

"Today we met Nepthu, a man who wanted to become a leader and became one. But Nepthu used his leadership for his own selfish glory and in the end he got what he deserved. Being a good leader takes a lot of responsibility, but you must also be responsible when you follow a leader. Don't do something wrong or dangerous because someone tells you to. Think before you act. We can't all be leaders, but we can all choose what's right and wrong for ourselves."

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