Teela`s Quest

Written by: Paul Dini
Directed by: Marsh Lamore

He-man/Prince Adam
Queen Marlena


Shadow Beasts
The Oracle of the Crystal Sea

Sky Sled
Wind Raider

Teela wants to know who her mother is and goes to the orakel at the Crystal Sea to get the answer.

"In today's story, I went in search of my mother. I found her, but I also found something else; that the man who had cared for me since I was a baby, who loved me as he would his own daughter, was just as much my father as any parent could be. And so whether they are someone we were born to or whether they chose us to adopt, it doesn't matter. The ones who protect us, and teach us, and love us; they are the ones we call mother and father. And they deserve the same kind of love from us. Until next time."

Queen Marlena: But my real home is here on Eternia, with you and your father.
I wouldn`t trade anything for the life we have together!

Merman: He-man! Stop them you fools!

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