Savage cat

Panthor seems to be Skeletor`s answer to He-man`s Battlecat. In combat, Panthor often scares enemies with his fearsome appearance. Panthor can also leap great heights. Skeletor uses the giant panther to intimidate his enemies into giving up vital information. But Panthor`s greatest purpose is to transport Skeletor across the Eternian landscape. The foundation of Panthor`s relationship with Skeletor is based on an unshakable loyalty to his master. When Skeletor barks a command, Panthor will leap into action without hesitation. Panthor`s main adversary is Battlecat. But while their entanglements usually start with loud roars and bearing of sharp teeth, Battlecat quickly succeeds in scaring Panthor away.

Panthor has 8 appearances in Masters of the Universe:
Diamond Ray of Disappearance
The Dragon Invasion
Evil-Lyn's Plot
Colossor Awakes
Song of Celice
Double Edged Sword
The Littlest Giant
No Job too Small

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