Evil lord of destruction

Skeletor rules despotically over the Dark Hemisphere of Eternia with his minions. He wants power over all Eternia. In order to gain dominion, he must possess the secret of Grayskull - the shining orb containing the wisdom and power of the Elders. He has at his command black magic and sorcery, as well as savage, twisted technology (mostly manufactured by Tri-Klops). His lair lies within the peaks of Snake Montain - a horrific formation comprised of rock and molten lava. Skeletor directs most of his anger at He-man, who stands in his way.

Skeletor uses his ram-headed havoc staff as his primary weapon of terror. Powerful blasts from the eyes of the ram skull can destroy Skeletor`s enemies. He is also known to carry a double sword that he wields with the skill of a hundred swordsmen.

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