General Warhawk
Cruel. Cunning. Obsessed. Sinister leader of S.A.V.A.G.E.

General Warhawk is a brilliant madman - a man without a country, trying to become ruler of the world. Before being exiled from his native land, he gained the rank of Captain. And if he hadn't been caught selling state secrets, he might have had a successful military career. But exile became his destiny.
Warhawk is a self-proclaimed general, commanding an army of outcasts and international criminals who continually threaten the safety of the world. "His battle plans are those of a military genius", admits Colonel Trautman, whose hotline from the Pentagon lights up when the General is mounting another assault. That's when Trautman calls on Rambo and The Force of Freedom.
No one knows what the evil General looks like behind his reflective glasses. Some suspect that he wears them to shield an eye injury or simply to intimidate anyone who dares to try and look him in the eye. The sinister General boasts that no army has ever defeated S.A.V.A.G.E. "Someday I will destroy Rambo, and rule the world!"

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