Rugged. Determined. Skilled. Daredevil pilot and mechanical genius!

Nobody knows planes and high-performance vehicles better than Eddie Hayes! Because he's an expert in electronics and machinery, his friends call him "Turbo". If it has wings, he can fly it; if it has wheels, he can drive it! He even designs and builds the vehicles that he professionally races.
Turbo and Rambo met in the army when Turbo had to land in an enemy-infested jungle to rescue Rambo's Special Forces team. Since then Turbo has been flying on Rambo's wing as a member of The Force of Freedom. When a custom vehicle is needed for a special job, Turbo uses his talents to design just the right machine.
When an expert pilot is needed for a risky mission, Turbo is there! Last year at the Indy 500 Race, Turbo had first place wrapped up when he was signaled to make an emergency pit stop - The Force of Freedom needed him immediately! Turbo's loyalty to Rambo and The Force of Freedom always comes first!

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