Colonel Trautman
Patriotic. Demanding. Courageous. The man with a hotline to Rambo!

Colonel Samuel Trautman is 100% US Army and proud of it! He's the best Special Forces CO the Army has ever had. He taught his men how to fight using everything from A (AK-47) to Z (Zip gun).
He also taught them how to be cool under pressure and survive. Rambo quickly earned the hard-won respect of Colonel Trautman. Never before had the Colonel seen a man with more raw determination and guts than Rambo. "Rambo's awesome strength is only matched by his incredible endurance", says Trautman. That's why when Trautman's hotline from the Pentagon lights up, he calls on Rambo and The Force of Freedom. The top brass doesn't know how Rambo accomplishes the dangerous missions that no ordinary man would even attempt - they're just glad he gets the job done!

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