In the early 1960's, Flight 481 disappeared into the Florida Everglades. Rescue parties reported no survivors. But those who knew of the mysterious man who lives in the Okefenokee Swamp believe that a person possessed by evil survived the crash and learned to live among the horrible creatures of the swamp. Today he is known simply as Snakebite, slimy member of the S.A.V.A.G.E army.
Crawling bugs, squirming rats and venomous snakes accompany Snakebite through the murky swamp. Using these deadly creatures as weapons, Snakebite stores them in his Beast Pack he wears on his back. When ready to attack, he carefully removes them with his wire-assisted Beast Handler and springs them at his unsuspecting victim.
Because Snakebite likes slimy creatures, it is not surprising that he is loyal to the corrupt General Warhawk. The General knows that as long as he protects the swamp from the ever-threatening approach of civilization, Snakebite will obey him. As for Rambo and The Force Of Freedom, Snakebite is poised to strike at anytime!

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