Brave. Daring. Heroic. No man can stop him!

When the army can't, Rambo can! Rambo is America's ultimate weapon - unequaled in courage, unfailing in patriotism, he is a man who knows no defeat. His strength and skill allow him to accomplish dangerous missions that no ordinary man would attempt. Martial arts, weapons, explosives - Rambo is master of all! He fights for America, but most of all, for Justice.
Rambo leads a select force of trained experts who risk their lives for Freedom's cause. With Rambo, they fight an age-old battle against evil. But evil wears many faces, and none is more sinister than the face of S.A.V.A.G.E. This world-wide terrorist group is led by the scheming General Warhawk, a man motivated by greed and the thirst for power. As he lays his plans for world dominance, only one man stands in his way - Rambo!

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