Devious. Traitorous. Desperate. The desert is his only home!

Nomad is a treacherous desert warrior. He is as unstable as the blowing desert sands, as cold as the desert nights, and as dangerous as the deadly desert scorpion. His only family is a wandering band of cutthroats and thieves. They are men without honor, who use their knowledge of the desert to carry out terrorist assaults on innocent villages.
Because of Nomad's knowledge of demolitions and sabotage, no supply train or modern-day caravan is safe as it passes near his camp. By using the high-powered telescope sight fixed on his 9mm submachine gun, he can easily spot the desert "intruders". He engages the automatic, fast-draw mechanism and immediately opens fire on his enemy. Once again, he manages to maintain control over his barren world of sand.
In exchange for Nomad's loyalty, General Warhawk has promised to help the desert warrior achieve his goal - to rule over all the desert wastelands of the world!

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