Brave. Bold. Battle-ready. She's a master of disguise!

Katharine Ann Taylor, alias KAT, was an army brat who grew up playing with M-1's instead of paper dolls. When she was 10 years old she could hit a bull's-eye at 500 yards. She studied the workings of all weapons, and modified them to perform special tasks. When her father was transferred to Taiwan, she trained in the martial arts and became a black belt in Ninjitsu and Karate. During her teen, she channeled her energies into qualifying for the Olympics in gymnastics. And because of her father's international government connections, she was asked to spy at the Games to uncover any possible terrorist plots. With Colonel Trautman as her connection, Kat eventually became one of the elite members of The Force of Freedom.
Kat is a master of disguise, able to totally alter her appearance to secretly penetrate enemy camps. This ability, combined with her extraordinary knowledge of weapons, makes her an invaluable member of The Force of Freedom. She's beautiful, brilliant and willing to risk her life to help Rambo in his fight for freedom!

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