Vicious. Hostile. Iron-fisted. General Warhawk's "handy man".

Before Gripper joined the French Foreign Legion, he was a mercenary fighter who couldn't get a job! No army would have him because of his infamous reputation as a totally ruthless fighter. The tough Foreign Legion sent Gripper to a dangerous desert outpost. But after two months they kicked him out because he would not acknowledge an enemy's white surrender flag.
Gripper's vise grip holds his weapons very tightly, so he prefers using it over his real hand. His weapons are specially adapted to fit into his iron fist. When he meets new S.A.V.A.G.E. army members he loves to shake their hands - they get the surprise of their lives.
Gripper has threatened that the next time he meets Rambo he's going to carve his initials into Rambo's chest!

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