Black Dragon
Secret. Stealthy. Silent. General Warhawk's shadow warrior!

Two brothers, identical twins, are taken at birth to live with mystical mountain warriors and to study their ways. They learn an ancient way of life: how to make oneself invisible, how to be silent in movement, how to sense hidden enemies. They learn Ninjitsu and become the most awesome Ninja warriors alive!
But who can know why Black Dragon followed the path of evil by joining General Warhawk's S.A.V.A.G.E. army, or why White Dragon followed the path of goodness by joining The Force of Freedom? Whatever the reason, the spirit of the ancient, evil ninja assassins is with Black Dragon, who uses his special skills to do the General's dirty work. Warhawk calls for Black Dragon when he needs an expert in sabotage and one who can travel unnoticed in and out of an enemy camp.
Black Dragon doesn't care that he may one day meet his twin brother in battle. Blood is thick, but the evil Ninja's heart is black!

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