The Problem With Power

Based on an idea by: Tom Tataranowicz
Written by: Bob Forward & Leslie Wilson
Directed by: Gwen Wetzler

He-man/Prince Adam
King Randor
Queen Marlena


General Tataran

Sky Sled
War Sled

Skeletor makes He-man believe that he has killed an innocent man. He-man then throws his sword down the bottomless abyss beside Castle Grayskull.

"I want to talk to you today about safety. Accidents don`t just happen to other people, they could happen to you. But you can do some things to help prevent accidents from happening; using the safetybelt when driving in a car can save your life or prevent you from being seriously hurt. I know you`ve been told never to play with matches, cause if you do you`re playing with fire. And fire can burn your toys, your home, your family, you. So use your common sense and think about what you are doing. It`s better to be safe than sorry!"

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