Search for the Past

Story by: Misty Stewart
Teleplay by: Misty Stewart & Larry DiTillio
Directed by: Ernie Schmidt

He-man/Prince Adam
King Randor
Queen Marlena

King Miro

Wind Raider

King Randor and Man-at-Arms are going to look for King Miro.

"Do you know what I liked best in today`s story? There were 3 things. The first was when the evil Enchantress found out you can`t do bad things without being punished for them. The second thing was when King Randor found his father. But what I liked best of all was Adam and his grandfather getting together. You know grandfathers and grandmothers are very special people, and they give their grandchildren a very special kind of love. So if you`re lucky enough to have a grandmother or a grandfather, or maybe even both. Well, you are really especially lucky."

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