Evil ocean warlord

Merman lives in a deep-sea ruin in the primordial Sea of Rakash where he awaits Skeletor`s orders. Underwater monsters obey Merman`s commands and create havoc in oceans, lakes and ponds. Much to Skeletor`s displeasure, Merman is a coward and runs for the nearest body of water to escape when things get too dangerous. However, once Merman is underwater in his domain, he becomes a force with which to be reckoned.

Merman carries a mean-looking trident that he uses to keep his underwater monsters in control. It can fire Eternian shark`s teeth from the tips. He also has a sword made of scales and Eternian shark teeth capable of ripping through steel.

Mara Backman:
He is probably the only character who looks better in the old cartoon than in the new one.

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