The Ultimate Weapon

Matt Trakker
Scott Trakker
Buddy Hawks
Gloria Baker
Brad Turner
Alex Sector

Miles Mayhem
Cliff Dagger
Sly Rax

VENOM obtains a device that jams the control systems of MASK's vehicles rendering their opposition immobile.

Scott Trakker:
"Hey look, dad! Jeff is hitchhiking, he`ll gets to the soccer field way before us"
Matt Trakker:

"Maybe, but maybe not. Hitchhiking is dangerous, you never know who`s going to pick you up. The person who picks him up could be a VENOM agent, or worse... a child molester."
Scott Trakker:

"Hey Jeff! How about walking to the game with us? Dad, when it comes to hitchhiking I say: Thumbs down!"

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