The Oz Effect

Matt Trakker
Scott Trakker
Bruce Sato
Alex Sector
Hondo MacLean
Buddy Hawks
Dusty Hayes
Brad Turner
Gloria Baker

Miles Mayhem
Cliff Dagger
Sly Rax
Vanessa Warfield

VENOM uses a strange vortex machine to abduct a village of Australian aborigines and forces them as slaves to mine valuable crystal.

Scott Trakker:
"We`ll fix breakfast and surprise dad."

"This thing takes forever. (T-bob sticks a fork in the toaster) OhOhOhOhOhOhOhOh!"
Matt Trakker:

"What`s going on?!"
Scott Trakker:

"T-bob stuck a fork in the toaster."
Matt Trakker:

"T-bob, you are made of electronic circuits, you should know better than that. "
Scott Trakker:

"Yeah, if you were a person like me you could have been electrocuted or hurt seriously."

"You`ve right, that was a dumb thing to do."

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