The Everglades Oddity

Matt Trakker
Scott Trakker
Alex Sector
Julio Lopez
Dusty Hayes
Ace Riker

Miles Mayhem
Cliff Dagger
Sly Rax
Vanessa Warfield

Matt Trakker is bitten by a venomous snake, and while he recovers, Alex Sector must lead the MASK team to stop VENOM's plan of stealing the NASA Space Shuttle.

Scott Trakker:
"T-bob, look out for the puddle!" (T-bob slips in the puddle and falls into the pool)
Scott Trakker:

"T-bob wouldn't be in this trouble if he remembered one safety rule: Don't run around the pool."

"Heeeeelp!" (Scott pulls T-bob up from the pool)
Scott Trakker:

"Water is slippery and that makes it dangerous. Don't forget. (Scott and T-bob shakes hands)"

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