High Noon

Matt Trakker
Brad Turner
Boris Bushkin
Calhoun Burns
Ace Riker

Miles Mayhem
Maximus Mayhem
Bruno Sheppard
Vanessa Warfield
Sly Rax

MASK and VENOM enter a land, air and sea race to show off their vehicle capabilities. VENOM uses the race as a diversion to steal plans for a top secret jet.

Scott Trakker:
"Hi Clutch, are you finished with T-bob?"
Buddy Hawks:

"Yeah,but you're not going anywhere."
Scott Trakker:

"I thought you fixed him?"
Buddy Hawks:

"T-bob is ready, but you are not." (Buddy throws a helmet to Scott) "Always wear your helmet, Scott. Remember it, you could get hurt a lot easier than T-bob if you take a spin. Besides, T-bob is easier to fix.

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