The Magma Mole

Matt Trakker
Scott Trakker
Bruce Sato
Alex Sector
Brad Turner
Hondo MacLean
Buddy Hawks
Gloria Baker

Miles Mayhem
Cliff Dagger
Sly Rax
Vanessa Warfield

VENOM uses a mole machine to drill into the Earth which threatens Tokyo with devastating floods and an eruption of Mount Fuji.

Scott Trakker:
"Dad, is this saltwater lake going to stay here?"
Matt Trakker:

"Looks that way, it may become quite a tourist attraction."

"Hey Scott! Dive off the rock, I`ll take you a picture."
Scott Trakker:

"Wait a second T-bob, I don`t know how deep it is. Dad, you check?" (Matt dives to check)
Matt Trakker:

"It`s plenty deep enough, but you are very smart to check Scott. You should always be certain that the water is deep enough before you dive in, even if it is a swimming pool."

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