The Battle of the Giants

Matt Trakker
Nevada Rushmore
Jacques LeFleur

Miles Mayhem
Maximus Mayhem
Floyd Malloy

Matt Trakker and the Mayhem brothers race to win a trophy that contains a secret formula, but the Mayhem twins, of course, play dirty in order to win the prize.

Boris Bushkin:
"Da, popcorn, Boris love popcorn." (Boris plays with a train set. Brad comes with a popcorn machine. Boris plugs the machine in the same socket as the train set)
Matt Trakker:

"Who overloaded the circuits?"
Brad Turner:

"I can't tell a lie, Matt. Boris did it."
Matt Trakker:

"If you plug to many things into one socket, you can overload your circuits."
Boris Bushkin:

"Boris says: If he's overload, he might explode."
Matt and Boris:


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