Where Eagles Dare

Matt Trakker
Alex Sector
Nevada Rushmore

Miles Mayhem
Maximus Mayhem
Bruno Sheppard
Floyd Malloy
Lester Sludge

Matt Trakker takes on the Mayhem brothers in a race that will win the victor a profitable transportation licence.

Bruno Sheppard:
"I wish Miles would hire a gardener. Puh, finished!"
Sly Rax:

"You're not finished until you put the garden tools a way. Someone might step on them, Bruno"
Bruno Sheppard:

"Nonsense! Who'd be silly enough to step on a rake. Ohhhh!! Ah, guess I learned my lesson, Sly. Ohhh!!"
Sly Rax:

"I hope that knocks some sense into you. HaHaHaHaHa!"

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