The Currency Conspiracy

Matt Trakker
Scott Trakker
Bruce Sato
Buddy Hawks
Dusty Hayes

Miles Mayhem
Cliff Dagger
Sly Rax
Vanessa Warfield

MASK must stop VENOM from using an organism that eats the ink off printed money rendering the bills worthless.

Matt Trakker:
"T-bob, how is your knee feeling now?"

"I am as good as new, I am ready for skating."
Matt Trakker:

"But are you ready for emergencies?"
Scott Trakker:

"Like what?" (T-bob falls thru the ice and into the water)

"Help, I rust!"
Scott Trakker:

"T-bob, grab my scarf! I'll pull you up!"

"I'm sure glad you know what to do, Scott. Next time I'll check the ice first, then skate. It sure beats a cold swim."

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