Mallek is a powerful young sorcerer, more commonly known as the "Wizard of Stone Mountain". He is likeable, sometimes serious, occasionalle moody individual. In his youth Mallek attended the City of Wisdom with Teela, and as a result he developed a crush on Teela. Devastated that she rejected his offer of marriage, preferring to join the royal guard, Mallek spent the years that followed lonely in his tower, claiming that he was held prisoner by the memory of the one he loved.
Taken advantage of by the Spirit of Evil, the embodiment of all that is evil in the universe, Mallek soon realized his mistake in forcing Teela to love him. For the first time Mallek realized who really loved him, Karyn his assistant, who had revealed her love for him as his life was threatened.
Aside from serving as the Wizard of Stone Mountain, Mallek is called upon to guard other magical locations on Eternia.

Mallek has 2 appearances in Masters of the Universe:
Wizard of Stone Mountain
The Witch and The Warrior

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