Orko`s Missing Magic

Written by: Larry DiTillio
Directed by: Ernie Schmidt

He-man/Prince Adam
King Randor
Queen Marlena
Royal Guards

Tick Tock
Blue Creature

Orko`s magic has vanished and he and He-man have to go to another dimension to get it back by finding a small animal.

"I was really unhappy when I lost my magic. I was afraid that people wouldn't like me anymore because I couldn't make them laugh or give them magic presents. And then Adam told me something."
Prince Adam:

"You don't have to amuse people or give them gifts to be loved. You're a special person Orko."

"And you know what? You're special! And you don't have to buy presents or be a clown to make people like you. That way you'll know that the friends you make are real friends, that they like you for yourself."

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