The Wrong Hands

Written by: John Shirley
Directed by: Bill Nunes

Marshall Bravestarr
Deputy Fuzz
Doc Clayton

The Krang

The Krang once again arrive on New Texas in search of Kerium. However this time they promise they are there to pay for it and not steal it. However Doc Clayton learns that the Krang have built a Super Cannon...

"Howdy, Parts! Today's adventure story was about power. Power so strong, that if used wisely, it could have brought great benefits to everyone. But the trouble is, that anything that powerful, attracts those who wanna use this power for their own selfish evil purposes. And that's just how the Krang were going to use it. Power must be used carefully and for the good for everyone. That's the only way we all can live together in peace. Not only as neighbours, but as friends."

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