Sunrise, Sunset

Written by: Bob Forward
Directed by: Bill Reed

Marshall Bravestarr
Doc Clayton


A good young man joins a gang of outlaws. His wife is expecting their child and when she learns of his whereabouts, she sets off in search of him. With the help of Bravestarr, will she and his ill father find him in time to help put him back on an honest path?

This episode is memorable not only for dealing with the beginning of a life, but also for handling the end of one.

"Hi there! In today's show, Dorn did something wrong. That was bad enough, but then he run away. Problem is, running away never solves anything. Dorn found that out. The best way to stay out of trouble is not to do anything wrong. But if you do, don't run away and hope the trouble will disappear. Because it won't. It might even be worse. Dorn found out the hard way, don't let the same thing happen to you."

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