Revolt of the Prairie People

Written by: Don Heckman
Directed by: Ed Friedman

Marshall Bravestarr
Deputy Fuzz
Judge J.B. McBride

Tex Hex
Outlaw Skuzz

A Galaxy Commander and her team arrive on New Texas intent on carrying out the Galaxy Council's order of placing a force field around the valley of the Prairie People. Bravestarr must convince the Galaxy Council that what they are doing is wrong...

"In today's story, Fuzz had to stand up for something he believed in. Have you ever had to stick up for something you thought was right? When everyone else tried to change your mind? I'm sure it was hard. But don't let anyone talk you into doing things that you know are wrong. Things like trying out drugs, stealing things or joyriding. Just because they'll say it will be alright. If you know it's wrong, say no and mean it. Be like Fuzz here, stick up for what you know is right!"

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