Handlebar and Rampage

Written by: Bob Forward
Directed by: Tom Sito

Marshall Bravestarr

The Krang

While the Krang arrive on New Texas again and try to take villagers as slaves, Handlebar makes a new friend in a creature named Rampage. Surely, it cannot be the same creature the villagers are so afraid of?

"In today's story I discovered something very important. I discovered the power of kindness. When Rampage and I first met, well, I guess you could say there was some of a misunderstanding. Hehe, it turned into a battle. And that was to bad, because we were both...eh, well you know, nice people. We just didn't get along at first. But then Rampage got into trouble and he needed help. I forgot our fight and helped. And because of me kindness, I now have a new friend. Right, Rampage? HaHaHa" (Rampage licks him in the face)

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