Written by: Bob Forward
Directed by: Marsh Lamore

Marshall Bravestarr

Tex Hex
Cactus Head

While Bravestarr is busy helping a young man named Altran rescue his people from Sandstorm, Thirty-Thirty wonders where his partner is, and so determinedly sets off to the Hexagon, prompting Tex Hex to desperately search for Bravestarr!

"In today's show, alot of trouble was caused because Thirty-Thirty didn't know where I was. He got worried. Whenever you go somewhere, it's very important that you'll let your parents know where you're gonna be. And then they don't have to worry, or wreck the neighbourhood trying to find you, like this big lamoks did."

"Well, I was worried. I mean, how am I going to get paid if you get yourself lost? Myhyyyhyyy"

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