Nomad is an Island

Written by: Bob Forward
Directed by: Bill Reed

Marshall Bravestarr
Deputy Fuzz
Judge J.B. McBride

Arriving on New Texas is a mysterious flying island, which is home to a horrible Queen. It is not long before Thirty-Thirty and a couple of Prairie People find themselves trapped aboard the ship. To escape, they must first convince the Queen's servants to stand up for her...

"We all heard a very important word in today's adventure."

"That word is freedom. It means a lot of things, including that adults and children have rights that nobody can take away from them. Queen Singlish tried to take freedom away by making slaves of the Prairie People, but we don't have slaves on New Texas. We're all free."

"Prairie People is born free, human people is born free too."

"And that's the way it is on New Texas, hope it's the same on your planet."

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