Lost Mountain

Written by: Don Heckman
Directed by: Lou Kachivas

Marshall Bravestarr
Deputy Fuzz
Doc Clayton

Tex Hex
Outlaw Skuzz

Bravestarr and Fuzz are flying over Lost Mountain, when they lose control of their ship and it crashes. Tex Hex sees that Bravestarr had crashed on Lost Mountain and sets off to capture him...

"Look Marshall! Fuzzes arm all better thanks to you."

"Don't thank me, Fuzz, thank first aid. I only did what anyone would have done."

"Not anyone, must be someone who knows first aid."

"Right! No one want to do an emergency is something that everybody should know about, young and old. If you liked to have a first aid training, be sure to contact (XXXXXXX) or local red cross office. Someones life might depend on YOU!" (Bravestarr points into the camera)

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