Bravestarr and the Law

Written by: Denis Higgins
Directed by: Richard Trueblood

Marshall Bravestarr
Judge J.B. McBride
Deputy Fuzz
Doc Clayton

Tex Hex
Outlaw Skuzz
Cactus Head

A huge deposit of Kerium is unearthed near Star Peak by Billy Bob and Diamond Back. When Tex Hex hears about them registering a claim for the land, he decides he wants to claim the land and evict Shaman from his sacred home!

"You know today J.B. made a decision that I didn't agree with. But J.B. is a judge, and a judge tells us how the law works. So I did what I was supposed to do, finally."

"Even when we don't agree with the law, it's important to respect it. And if a law needs to be changed, there is ways to do that legally."

"But until it is changed, we must respect our laws and our police. And our judges, especially when they are as smart as J.B." (J.B. blushes)

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