Bravestarr and the Empress

Written by: John Shirley
Directed by: Ernie Schmidt

Marshall Bravestarr
Deputy Fuzz

Bravestarr is assigned to protect an alien Empress, while she is on her way to a peace summit with the leader of the Krang. But, someone is trying to stop her from arriving and reaching an agreement that will ultimately ensure peace between her people and the Krang.

"In today's story, Empress Nadia learned that prejudice can be very damaging. She felt that Fuzz and I were nothing more than aliens, until she discovered when someone helps you, it doesn't matter what colour his or her skin is. People may look different on the surface, they can even dress or talk differently. But underneath all that surface things, people are more like than different. So remember: The best way to make good friends is to find the ways in which you are like."

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