Thirty-Thirty Goes Camping

Written by: Shawn Elizabeth Lamb
Directed by: Bill Nunes

Marshall Bravestarr
Deputy Fuzz

Dingo Dan
Outlaw Skuzz

Thirty-Thirty takes a bunch of kids on a camping trip. At the same time, Morabund and Dingo Dan escape from a prison ship and head for New Texas. Things get exciting when the outlaws capture the children, and Bravestarr and Thirty-Thirty must come to their rescue...

"In today's story, some of the young people ran off without letting Thirty-Thirty know where they were going. They wound up in a lot of trouble. It's important to let your parents know where you are going. Parents worry a lot, you'll find that out when you are a parent. But suppose you needed help, and nobody knew where you were. I always tell Fuzz and J.B. where I am going. That way I feel a lot safer. I hope you do the same, you feel a lot safer too."

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