Call of the Wild

Written by: Bob Forward
Directed by: Tom Sito

Marshall Bravestarr
Doc Clayton


Wild Child is new to living as a human and finds it hard to fit in. However, when a poisonous flower blooms on New Texas, it is up to him to team up with Bravestarr to save the people from the deadly poison.

Wild Child:
"Hi there! The Marshall asked me to talk to you today. He wanted me to tell you about the lesson I learned. I was having problems in school because a couple of kids was picking on me, just because I was different from them. But some times you run into people like that, it happens. But try not to loose your temper or fight them, because even thou what they do is wrong, fighting is wrong too. And like Bravestarr said: Two wrongs don't make a right. Bye now, and be good in school."

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