Call to Arms

Written by: Bob Forward
Directed by: Ernie Schmidt

Marshall Bravestarr
Judge J.B. McBride
Angus McBride

The Krang

An evil Krang wizard, arrives on New Texas. Landing at Star Peak, he takes the Shaman as his prisoner and demands Kerium in exchange for the Shaman's safe release!

"J.B. and I wanted to talk to you about something that is very important and very personal, your body."

"Remember; it's your body and no one should touch you in a way that you feel is wrong."

"I'll stop anybody who tries that!"

"It's not that easy. Some times it's hard for a child to admit that he or she has been touched in a bad way."

"But if you have been touched that way, don't be ashamed. Tell someone you trust. Like your parents, your doctor, your teacher, your minister or rabbi. Right guys?"
J.B. and Thirty-Thirty:

"Right on!"

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