Brother`s Keeper

Written by: Coslough Johnson
Directed by: Bill Nunes

Marshall Bravestarr
Doc Clayton
Judge J.B. McBride
Deputy Fuzz


Bravestarr has to move fast in order to find a rare serum that has been stolen from a Stratostage. The success of this mission will determine the fate of an old man struck by a space virus...

"In today's adventure, Bart tried to persuade his brother Billy to give up a life of crime. But Billy wouldn't listen to his brother. If he had, he probably wouldn't have gone to jail. Have you ever felt that you take advice from anyone except your brother or sister, or even your mother and father? If you have, you could be making a big mistake. No one cares as much for you as your family. So when they give you advice, it's a good idea to listen carefully. Because what they say comes from loving and caring."

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