The Blockade

Written by: Bob Forward
Directed by: Bill Reed

Marshall Bravestarr
Judge J.B. McBride
Deputy Fuzz
Angus McBride


Stampede senses an evil and powerful magnetic comet passing in space. He uses this comet and his evil magic to create a blockade with a collection of asteroids, stopping anything from getting to New Texas, including food. Bravestarr and the gang must act fast in order to destroy the blockade!

"Today we had a problem. It looked like we weren't getting any new supplies of food for a while. That might have meant that some people would get very hungry. But we decided we'd all share what food we had until the emergency was over. That way no one would go hungry. Even if it isn't an emergency, sharing is a very important thing to learn. It's part of a very special process called... growing up. Good-bye now, hope to see you soon."

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