Not so Blind

Written by: Robert Lamb
Directed by: Gwen Wetzler

He-man/Prince Adam

The Storyteller

Attak Trak

He-man takes a blind boy to the Singing crystals, but something goes wrong...

Prince Adam:
"So children, what did you learn from the story?"
Boy 1:

"Even though Loos is blind, he`s just like the rest of us."
Boy 2:

"Yeah! And because he learned to use his other senses, he helped He-man."
Old man:

"That`s right. Just because a person is blind or handicapped, well it doesn`t mean that they`re helpless."

"Yeah! They have feelings and want to do stuff like we do too."
Prince Adam:

"And who knows? You might learn as much from them, as they do from you."

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