Cosmic enforcer

Thou I observe all that happens in the cosmos Orko, I can not use my powers to changes things.

Zodac, originally a member of The Council of the Wise, is more commonly known as the "Cosmic Enforcer", meaning that he has to maintain the balance of power between good and evil. As a Cosmic Enforcer, Zodac is not allowed to interfere directly in the affairs of mortal men.
Zodac possesses incredible power far beyond that of mortal men. He has the ability to travel through the universe at amazing speeds, usually on his throne, and can effortlessly change the balance of power. Because Zodac`s power has not been manifested physically, most of what he is capable of doing is beyond comprehension.

Zodac has 3 appearances in Masters of the Universe:
Quest for He-man
The Search
Golden Disks of Knowledge

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